Investment Property Strategies

There are many investment strategies out there. So, how do you know which investment strategy is right for you?. Our investment strategies can help future proof your portfolio.

There are so many ways to profit in property.

We teach our clients the benefits of having the right strategy for buying and holding property long term.  We teach you how to manage the holding costs and how to select the very best property for your goals.  Everyone starting out with the plan to invest in property is unique. Each of us will have different timeline, different incomes and different goals so you obviously need a personalised plan to help achieve your specific goals.

So at Think Investment Realty, we build unique investment strategy for you, based on years of research and experience.  We look at where you are starting from, we look at where you want to end up, combined with your timeline and income we help you map out a roadmap of exactly what you need to do and then assist you with the process.

When it comes to investing in Australian real estate the question isn’t when, it’s where. It is always a good time to invest in property when you have the right strategy and research to inform you.

We certainly are a Real Estate with a difference – a BIG difference. We don’t just sell property.  We specialise in purchasing investment properties, brand new principle places of residences (PPRs) and First Home owners requirements too. It would be very advantageous to any potential investor to make a time to see us and learn how to maximise profits and minimise holding costs.

As our main aim is to assist people with creating wealth through property, we do a massive amount of research to ensure our clients get the best property to suit their needs.

Just ask our clients!

Annette and David aren’t strangers to investment properties. In the past, they’ve built spec houses. While they sold for a profit, there was no stability. And continuing along those lines wouldn’t ensure a comfortable retirement.

This is where we came in.

Through TIR, Annette and David were able to add more properties to their investment portfolio:

  • House and Land in Central Queensland
  • Unit in Eastern Brisbane
  • Unit in Brisbane CBD
  • House and Land in North Brisbane
  • Townhouse in the Sunshine Coast

And in just 6 years, these properties increased in value by over $500,000.

Annette and David understand that property gives you not only increasing wealth with capital growth but more importantly gives you the ability to have an ongoing increasing income for the rest of your life.

Property Investments the Right Way

Our tried and tested property investment strategies for creating wealth have proven to be very effective for our clients.

Are you looking for a positively geared property that will yield high rental returns? This may be a good option for those of you who want a stream of low-risk passive income however, this can sometimes increase risk as well.  We will be able to explain all of the up sides as well as the pitfalls so should you choose to invest in Positively Geared Property, you do so with your eyes open.

Or maybe you’re looking for a property that is negatively geared for capital growth? We also have tax-advantaged negatively geared property options. They may be appealing for those of you who want to add these investments for long-term retirement planning and growth, using tax refunds to assist in the holding costs.

Think Investment Realty Delivers Properties You Can Count On

Buying property may come with some risk. But our team works hard to minimize those risks while raising potential equity and rental returns.

How are we able to do this? Here are 3 reasons why our properties achieve high yield and growth.

When you invest in properties, you may have heard that doing proper research is the key. If you don’t, you may end up with investments that generate below average returns, or even losses.

But the average person doesn’t have the time or the expertise to take on the comprehensive research required to make a smart investment.

Don’t worry. We do!

We have access to data from a range of sources to find the next investment hotspots. We stay ahead of market trends to give you the opportunity to buy the right investment property at the right time.

We take researching potential investment locations very seriously. And we take a variety of factors into consideration. These include:

  •     Population Movements
  •     Economic and Employment Growth
  •     Infrastructure Spending
  •     Demographic Changes
  •     Physical Location

In addition, we analyse current market trends and look at factors like:

  •     Supply and Demand
  •     Timing
  •     Value
  •     Rentability

This means that you can maximize future capital growth and look forward to high rental returns on your investment.

Our team takes days to compile comprehensive reports and data. This includes walking the streets and talking to local businesses.

Think Investment Realty also takes the time to phone local councils and property managers. And we contact local banks and real estate agents to get an accurate picture of investment opportunities.

When we’ve compiled all the data, we rate the property using our own in-house custom software. This rating gives us definitive answers about whether a location has potential.

We provide you with a wide selection of properties to choose from. And all these properties must meet our strict investment guidelines.

If you take a look at our properties, you may notice that we take care of all the details that make them appealing to potential tenants. They all have attractive designs. And they include tenant-ready inclusions that make it simple to find tenants to move in.

Our fittings and fixtures are higher quality than standard investment properties. How? We go to the developers directly to negotiate the best price.

Accordingly, our properties are in high demand compared to standard houses on the renter’s market. That translates to income reassurance for many of our clients.

Our team makes sure that you receive a valuable investment property with the highest quality finish.

Furthermore, you don’t have to babysit the building project. We’ll manage the entire construction process from start to finish. So you can enjoy your property investments hassle-free.

With over 36 years of experience in the property, home improvement and money industries, we’ve cultivated a relationship with many trustworthy developers and builders. And you are the one that reaps the benefits of these long-term relationships.

We work directly with the builders to ensure that each new building suits the rental market for each specific location. This means higher potential rental returns for you.

In addition, we also have our own building inspector who carefully monitors and documents the finished building. If there are any problems, we take care of them for you.

And if you need a property manager, we’ll go out and find you one, too. Our clients genuinely don’t need to lift a finger except to sign the papers and pick the property. We do the rest.

Finally, we source all of our properties in areas with high rental yields and housing demands. We do extensive research to ensure that you get the highest possible rental returns.

Our team walks the streets and talks to the locals to understand the general climate of the area. We also contact local businesses and officials to gauge the growth trends for the area.

All of this data translates to higher potential income for you.

We help you find or build properties to suit the specific demands of renters in that area. This makes your investment stand out from those in the market that don’t cater to location-specific demands.

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