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Our clients have different reasons and motivations for investing in property. What do we is identify the right investment property that can help you achieve your individual goals.

Property Investment Strategy and Planning

Each member of the Think Investment Realty team has deep experience in the industry. Some of us have worked in investment property for more than thirty-six years.

During this time, we have met the needs of a wide range of customers. We know how to make the investment process as efficient as possible. The best strategy for your situation will depend on a few factors:
  • Your investment capacity
  • Any time limit you are working with
  • Any preferences you have regarding the location or the type of property
  • Current market trends
  • Your current investment property portfolio

We take care of you through your whole property investment journey

Most clients, like Natalie and Steve, have families and full-time jobs to consider. This means they have a limited amount of time that they can devote to their investments. Some of our clients already owned a few investment properties and wanted help to accumulate more.

Taking these factors into consideration, we streamline the investment process. At the same time, we reduce your risks considerably.

Now let’s look at some of the questions that you might have about our services.

What Types of Investment Properties Does Think Investment Realty Work with?

At Think Investment Realty, we have experience with all types of investment property.

Are you interested in acquiring land? Are you considering a house & land package? Or would you prefer to focus on townhouses and units?

Any of these options might be right for you. We can give you the advice you need to purchase the property you’re aiming for.

On the other hand, we also offer up alternatives. Our clients might discover new possibilities that they hadn’t considered before.

We operate mainly in Queensland, but we also look at properties all across the country. We stay up-to-date with changes in the Australian property market.

What Can Our Clients Expect from Their New Properties?

Many of our clients opt for off-the-plan units, town houses, villas and house and land packages. This simply means that construction hasn’t begun yet.

Going for this option means that you can seize a profitable property before it ever enters the open market. Off-the-plan properties are well-suited to customers who have had a financial planner set up a self-managed super fund (SMSF).

But if you want to get into an investment property sooner, finished or near-finished townhouses are also an option. We make sure that your tenants can move in as soon as possible.

So in the case of apartment units and townhouses, construction may be finished or it may be up to us to organise it. The same is true for duplexes.

However, the circumstances are slightly different if you’re buying a house & land package. In this case, you will have to sign two contracts instead of one. One for the land and one with the builder for the house construction.

Our company is familiar with the ins and outs of each option. We stay informed about any regulation changes that could influence your investment.

The research that we do covers the supply and demand in the area. Hence, we minimise the chance of sudden property value changes.

Who are our clients?

Most people think that they need to pay off their home first before investing. This isnt the case, in fact it could literally cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars profit. However, if you’ve paid off the mortgage on your own home, you are certainly ready to make a new investment. Many of our clients make use of their equity to acquire a new investment property. This is a good way to plan for your retirement.

Some of our clients, like Darren, already had an investment property portfolio. In these cases, additional investments may seem like an overwhelming prospect. But we can work with your situation and help you manage your new property in a stress-free way.

Why Is It a Good Idea to Invest in Property?

When we meet new clients, we make sure to clarify the difference between yield and capital growth.

In broad strokes, yield is the return you will receive per annum based on rent. Capital growth is the increase of your property’s value over time.

Investing in a new property for high yield can keep your financial situation stable.

It can also help you move up the property ladder as your family keeps growing. Focusing on capital growth can also be a good way to secure future investments.

When we choose properties, we keep both the short and the long term in mind.

What Makes Think Investment Realty Unique?

What can we offer you that our competitors can’t?

An Innovative Property Selection Process

At Think Investment Realty, we use an in-house software system built specifically for our needs. We use this system to rate each potential property according to various factors. For example, we take a look at rentability, timing, and supply and demand.

At the end of the rating process, we have a very accurate and bias-free idea of how well a location might suit your needs. If the location doesn’t score at least 6.2 points out of 10, it doesn’t qualify. We often assess a dozen properties before we find the perfect investment property.

Extensive On-the-Ground Research

The above process is just the first part of our research. After we have selected a potential property, we visit it in person.

You don’t have to worry about going down to visit any of your options.

This is why we consider properties over a wider geographic area. We will take care of every in-person visit for you, so it’s not necessary for the property to be near your place of residence.

A Customer-Oriented Investment Process

Our clients Paul and Michelle are a couple who obtained a Foreshore investment property.

For them, our connections were crucial. The communication between our company and the realtors made the investment process much easier.

At the same time, we kept Michelle and Paul updated about every key part of the proceedings. They had control over the major decisions while we worked out the details.

We understand that you might not have a lot of time to manage your investments. This is why we make all the information available via phone or email.

After the property is acquired, we also help you find the perfect property manager to manage it. We strive to make the entire process as stress-free as possible.

A Final Word

We know that property investment can feel like a big step. Our experience gives us insight into your potential concerns.

Do you have questions about the risks involved? Would you like to learn more about the benefits?

If so, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Are you ready to start your investment property portfolio? Or maybe you want to change your investment strategy and add additional properties?

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