Can you afford to invest in property?

How To Quickly And Easily Acquire A Lucrative Investment Property (Even If You Think You Don’t Have The Time Or Can’t Afford It)

You could have capacity for investment, even when you think you don’t

Do you want to invest in property but feel like you may not have the time or money to do so?

If so, keep reading! You may be pleasantly surprised.

Steve and Trish found us because they wanted to purchase new properties in their own names. So they used the equity in their home to make this happen.

For Trish and Steve, time was an issue. They already had properties to attend to. Hence, it wasn’t possible for them to do the necessary research for a smart investment.

This is why they turned to us.

Think Investment Realty and Consulting

Are you thinking of investing in a second investment property? Or do you want to add a new property to a more extensive portfolio?

In these cases, you may want some professional guidance.

Like Steve and Trish, many of our clients want to become more knowledgeable around property investing. This is why we developed our exclusive wealth coaching service.

What Is the Wealth Coaching Service?

To help guide you through the process of buying an additional investment property, we do our best to give you objective and personalized advice.
Here are the main steps of our wealth coaching service.

We make monthly property showcases available for our clients and potential clients.

When you visit a showcase, you can learn about current market trends. Additionally, we give a quick overview of the different types of properties in the area.

This is useful for brainstorming. You will develop an idea of the different possibilities ahead of you.

Our showcase covers different strategies. We always make sure to cover different budgets as well. You may hear about investment situations that match up with your own.

Independently of this, we work with great Mortgage Brokers offers a complete finance assessment.

This is because we understand how important it is to be careful.

If you already own an investment property, you may need to consider in depth advice to assess your current property to ensure your next investment complements your portfolio. The wrong investment choice could affect your ability to maintain your property portfolio, or may limit your ability to maximise your wealth. It is important to consider diversification of locations and styles when building a portfolio – this is where our experts really make a difference. This is particularly true for clients who own more than one investment property.

The brokers can give you a precise idea of how much you can spend without taking on additional risks. The consultation then covers the best strategy for your situation (for example, we will cover the types of property that you should consider).

In our experience, many of our clients need to consider their capacities from an external point of view. You may find that making a new property investment is easier than you thought.

Over the years, we have helped our property investors acquire more than 2,500 properties. We know the ins and outs of every potential option.

Taking your finance assessment into consideration, we will discuss your options.

We cover the best ways to leverage your equity to buy a new property. Our team will help you consider the risks and rewards of each property strategy option

Even if you have some experience with property investment, our team might be able to introduce you to new ideas. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

While you’re working with Think Investment Realty, your financial security will remain our top priority.

What Happens Next?

After we learn about your capacity and your current portfolio, our team will start looking for properties that are suitable for your situation.

The property selection process is rigorous. We utilize software that helps us break down and rate every option.

During this process, we pay attention to both your current budget and any time limits you may have. We make sure to source the right properties in the right locations.

When the research phase is over, we will present you with your options. Whichever property you go for, your investment will pay off soon.

Once we walked Steve and Trish through the process, it was easy for them to choose between the options we found for them.

They added a townhouse and a unit, and a house & land package to their existing home, creating an instant portfolio.

Why Think Investment Realty Is a Safe Bet

So what are the results?

With our help, Steve and Trish chose properties that fit their exact situation. Three years later, the properties that we helped them to secure experienced a combined capital growth of more than $350,000.

Our team helps our clients find property hotspots not only across Central and South East Queensland but in multiple locations. With our in-depth research platform, we can help you find investment property in any area or state.  Our expert researchers will then give you a full update of the areas you may mention and let you know if they rate as good investment areas, and tell you which areas you should avoid as well.

It’s up to our clients to decide whether they want us to focus on yield or capital growth. In this case, the high capital growth has helped our clients secure their financial future.

We believe that acquiring new property is almost always a smart investment. To guarantee this, we provide:

  • Extensive Market Analysis
  • A Rigorous Research Process That Utilizes Custom Software
  • Easy Leveraging of Established Connections
  • Open and Consistent Communication with our Clients
  • Management of New Properties

Our clients like Trish and Steve find our wealth of experience extremely valuable.

We can deliver quick results and help our clients get a deeper understanding of their situations.

Our team works hard to eliminate the risks associated with property investment. For example, we always work with builders and contractors whose work ethos we can rely on. Since our research is hands-on, there is almost no chance of us missing something that could bring the property value down. It is also important to note that the property market has cycles.  All property will go through periods of growth and will often have a slight correction before climbing again.  You should invest in property long term to get the best out of your portfolio.  Buying and holding property long term will give you an ongoing and increasing income for life. Buying the right property with a long-term hold in mind is the easiest and quickest way of achieving wealth.

Property management is another important part of our service. We can put you in touch with excellent property managers who will put your interests first and take good care of your new acquisition.

A Final Word

Do you feel that your circumstances don’t allow you to acquire a property? Or, if you have a portfolio already, more properties?

Or… do you think you’re too busy to invest in a new property?

Well, think again!

These are all situations that we can help with. Having some backup and guidance can change the way you look at your portfolio. With our guidance, property investment can become easy and worry-free.

If you’re curious about what we can offer you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.