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Over 36 Years Experience – and 2,500 Property Acquisitions – Means Our Process Is Down To A Well Defined Science

Meet your financial and tax goals with well-researched investment properties

It’s not only new investors that have concerns about property investing. Even seasoned investors need certainty that all the “T’s” are crossed and “I’s” are dotted.

One such person is Darren.

Darren is a Think Investment Realty client and has lots of property investing experience. And he recently made the decision to invest in another property. However, Darren had several concerns about the risks and the outcomes of the purchase.

So he wanted to work together with a team that would take his point of view seriously.

At Think Investment Realty, we have over three and a half decades of experience. This gave us unique insight into some of Darren’s worries.

We worked with him and took his ideas into consideration. With our guidance, Darren found the investment property that suited his exact needs.

Concerns You May Have as a Seasoned Investor

Clients with an existing investment property portfolio have unique needs, too. In particular, they might not have the free time necessary to make a smart investment.

If you’ve invested before, you also understand the risks involved.

With each additional investment property, it becomes more difficult to keep up with market trends. Being a successful investor requires a great deal of dedication and research.

Before you add a new property to your portfolio, you have to become knowledgeable about the new location. Here are some of the questions you have to ask:

It’s important to develop a good grasp of the area you’re considering.

Is the area likely to suffer from natural disasters? Were there any wild changes in property values over the last decade?

What is the age and family situation of people renting in the area? What are the neighbourhood’s current demographics?

Are the businesses struggling or are they flourishing? Will there be an influx of new potential tenants in the area?

Some of these facts are impossible to Google. You have to visit the location to get an understanding of it.

Are you considering investing off-the-plan? If so, what are the risks associated with buying off-the-plan properties in the area?

What about builders and other contractors? Will you be able to use the connections from your previous investments? Or do you have to find reliable contractors all over again?

In the case of finished or near-finished buildings, you will need to establish a good working relationship with the developer. You may end up with a property that isn’t tenant-ready for months after you bought it.

Are you planning to sell your property when its value increases? What are the best ways to profit from it short-term and long-term?

Before you can decide on the answer, you need to do a thorough market analysis.

The additional costs of your investment can be difficult to judge in advance. But when you’re juggling multiple properties, precision is crucial.

What is the initial impact on your finances? How long before the yield makes up for the cost?

Without expert tools, you can’t know the answer. This uncertainty is why many investors hesitate before looking into an additional investment property.

First, it’s important to keep checking up on the construction. You also need to do a series of interviews with potential property managers.

When construction is finished, you still need to put in the time and effort to maintain your property. This is the only way to attract good tenants.

But if this isn’t your first investment property, you may not have time to go through this part of the process.

Keeping track of everything may be overwhelming. There’s a chance you simply won’t be able to do the necessary work.

How Can Think Investment Realty Help?

We use cutting-edge software and leverage our extensive experience. This equips us to ease the burden that comes with making new investments.

Our team has ample experience in developing strategies that will help you make a secure investment.

For example, we have software for shortfall calculation, as well as an extensive database of property managers that can manage the property for you. We can give you easy access to tax records to help you make conclusions about property market trends.

Our strategies take the holding costs of construction loans into consideration. When you’re working with Think Investment Realty, there is no chance of unforeseen extra costs.

In addition to market analysis and property analysis, we can help you cut back on your expenses in many ways by using the very best of financiers and property managers.

For example, we interview and select exceptional property managers and finance brokers who can make the whole process simple. We can also handle all the negotiations between these people for you. These finance brokers also help you secure a loan at a competitive rate as they have many years’ experience in the banking industry, working as bankers before becoming mortgage brokers, therefore they will know which is the best bank and the best loan to suit your unique requirements.

In short, all of our expertise is at your disposal.

What Is It Like to Work with Us?

In our experience, some expert property investors prefer a hands-on approach. Others prefer to give us the reins.

Here is what you can expect:

If You Want to Take an Active Part in the Process

Investors like Darren come to us with a collection of ideas.

We are glad to hear about your expectations. We take all our clients’ suggestions seriously.

Your suggestions go through our preliminary research phase. Then, our team can explain the risks and rewards of every possibility. If something seems too risky or unprofitable, we can also give alternative suggestions.

If You Would Rather Rely On Our Expertise to Manage the Details

Some investors are only interested in the results.
If this is the case with you, all you need to do is give us your details. We will do all the research and present you with the best possible choices for your situation.

Once you select your new investment property, we will continue to keep an eye on things. We can negotiate for you and keep you fully informed via phone, Skype, email and face to face meetings.

For clients who go for this option, our service provides much-needed relief. You don’t have to add another responsibility to your schedule.

Think Investment Realty can take care of everything, leaving you to focus on the most important decisions.

A Final Word

With our help, it is easy to expand your investment property portfolio.

You don’t have to stick to your established formulas. Our insights can lead you to new ideas, so you may change your approach to property investment for the better.

Your interests are our priority at every point of the process. This is why we focus on low-risk, high-yield properties all across the country.

If you’re interested in what our company can do for you, please call or message us. You can also visit our offices in person.